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Midnight Musings of a Sleepless Genius
Recent Entries 
01 11 14 - Muse List
~Mirror Mirror
Meat LoafWe Will Rock Youmiss_loaf
Merlin BBC Merlinyoungwarlock
Wyatt HalliwellCharmed1stcharmedson
Eric NorthmanTrue Bloodvampiresherriff
Trey SylvaniaI Kissed a Vampirebethebite
Annabeth ChasePercy Jackson & the Olympians/Heroes of Olympuswisedaughter
Regina MillsOnce Upon a Timemadamemayor
H.G. WellsWarehouse 13ismell_apples
Cosima NiehausOrphan Blackthats_complex
Jamie Moriarty Elementary youlookabitevil
Morded BBC Merlin littlestdruid
Scott McCall Teen Wolf atruealpha
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